What Should You Look For In An Epoxy Flooring Company?

There are a lot of different flooring specialists around and it can be difficult to know who to pick, especially if this is your first time needing to have a new floor installed. However, there are a few key things

High Quality Bespoke Factory Flooring

When it comes to factory flooring, the team here at Impact Flooring firmly believe that there’s no one solution that works for every business. Each and every business we work with is slightly different, even if they’re in the same

Chemical Resistant Flooring for Factories and Warehouses

Though not all businesses work with chemicals, those that do need to ensure they choose a high quality chemical resistant flooring. Many factories and warehouses use a variety of different chemicals and not having a floor that is well protected

Tips For Choosing The Best Warehouse Flooring

Nobody knows your business better than you and so when it comes to choosing warehouse flooring, it’s important to know what’s needed. Though we can offer our professional help and advice, choosing the best flooring starts with you understanding what

Could Epoxy Flooring Benefit Your Business?

When it comes to choosing a great flooring solution for your business, you shouldn’t rush into making any decisions. In fact, at Impact Flooring we always advise you to take the time to assess your options. After all, you want

Why Choose Polyurethane Screed?

Polyurethane screed flooring is one of the most durable flooring solutions available, which makes it a great choice for a number of different industries. In fact, it offers a higher level of durability than any other industrial flooring option we

Anti-Static Warehouse Flooring For Your Business

When it comes to designing warehouse flooring for a business, we take the time to get it right. The team at Impact Flooring understand that every warehouse is different and therefore the chances are you’re going to need a unique

How To Choose Factory Flooring For Busy Factories

A lot of factories are busy environments with a lot of machinery, vehicles and people moving around every day, meaning the type of factory flooring used needs to be able to withstand this. Many people fail to take into consideration