What Makes Epoxy The Best For Factory Flooring

Industrial Factory Flooring Epoxy Resin and Polyurethane flooring systems are particularly suitable for industrial and commercial environments such as Factory Flooring, Warehouses, Production Areas, Storage Areas and general industrial use. Impact Flooring work with you directly to create and install

Industrial Flooring & How To Look After It

Industrial Flooring When you come to chose your industrial flooring system, there are a lot of different options to choose from, each with various different benefits making them advantageous for specific industries and workplaces. Within your workplace, it’s extremely important

Clean and Maintain Concrete Flooring

 Concrete Floor Cleaning Although concrete is a fairly low maintenance flooring surface, no flooring material is maintenance free. The amount of maintenance your flooring will need will depends on the amount of traffic it receives and the environment it is

Choose a Unique No Dust Floor Solution

Nobody likes installing new industrial flooring; this invasive process can be expensive and time consuming. The job gets even more complicated when factoring in by-products like dust and the inevitable logistical delays. Impact Flooring’s unique process seeks to change that.