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In the realm of industrial flooring, Leicester businesses are recognising the significance of their choice. Ever thought about the floor beneath your feet and its impact on your business? No matter the industry, a solid foundation is crucial for the smooth operation of your business. It’s more than just a walking surface; it’s about a floor that meets daily challenges, boosts workspace aesthetics, and is cost-effective. Enter resin flooring, the game-changer.

With its perfect blend of strength and style, resin flooring is quickly becoming the top choice for various industrial settings in Leicester. It’s designed to bear the brunt of heavy machinery, continuous foot traffic, and even chemical mishaps. But its benefits are more than just functional. With diverse design options, resin flooring can be tailored to echo your business’s aesthetic, giving your workspace a sleek, professional finish.

At Impact Flooring, we offer a wide range of industrial flooring solutions for businesses throughout the UK. Our experienced team will guide you to the perfect resin flooring solution that fits your budget and timeline. From the drawing board to the final product, we’re with you every step, ensuring you get precisely what you envisioned.

Why Resin Flooring Stands Out

Here are some of the main advantages of choosing resin flooring for your industrial space:

Durable and Long-lasting

Known for its unparalleled strength, resin flooring is the first choice for many. Unlike conventional flooring that shows signs of wear and tear, industrial-grade resin flooring is engineered to endure heavy machinery, constant footfalls, and the relentless pace of industrial settings. 

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Beyond its strength, resin flooring is a breeze to maintain. With minimal care, you can ensure your floor remains in pristine condition, saving you both time and money.

Customisable Designs

With an array of colours, textures, and finishes at your disposal, resin flooring can be tailored to mirror the ambience of any industrial setting. Whether you’re aiming for a contemporary flair or a classic touch, our team can create a resin floor that aligns with your vision.

Adaptable and Cost-Effective

Resin flooring isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It can be customised to fit any space and is compatible with various surfaces, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective installation process.

Safety First

In industrial settings, safety is paramount. Resin flooring can be designed with features like anti-slip surfaces to provide a safer environment for employees and machinery. Additional safety layers, such as fire-resistant, chemical-resistant or anti-static coatings, can be added to meet stringent safety standards.

Types of Industrial Resin Flooring

Resin Flooring comes in various types, each with its unique benefits. Here’s a closer look at what

Epoxy Floors: Epoxy is a powerhouse in the flooring world. It’s ideal for places with high activity and stands up to heavy machinery and potential chemical spills. Its glossy finish not only adds a touch of sophistication but also simplifies cleaning. Over the years, businesses have trusted epoxy for its durability and ease of maintenance, making it a staple in many industrial settings.

Polyurethane Floors: Polyurethane is the chameleon of resin floors. Its flexibility means it can adapt to different conditions, especially in places where temperatures fluctuate, like food processing units. But don’t mistake its flexibility for weakness. Polyurethane is incredibly resilient, efficiently handling heavy loads and frequent foot traffic. Its unique composition also offers a degree of sound dampening, which can be a bonus in noisy environments.

Acrylic (MMA) Floors: MMA floors adapt quickly, setting faster than most and reducing installation downtime. Built for toughness, they offer excellent resistance to slips, making workplaces safer. Another advantage? Their UV stability. MMA floors won’t turn yellow or fade when exposed to sunlight, ensuring they remain vibrant and fresh-looking even in spaces bathed in natural light.

Our knowledgeable team will work closely with you to find the perfect flooring solution for your business needs. We’ll consider the unique challenges of your workspace and factor in budget, timeline, and maintenance requirements to find the ideal fit.

Types of Industrial Resin Flooring

In the competitive world of Industrial Flooring Leicester, businesses trust Impact Flooring to deliver superior results, and here’s why:

Unwavering Standards

We’ve built our reputation around three core principles: delivering premium products, ensuring consistent reliability, and maintaining a deep-rooted dedication to our clients. We recognise the importance and investment that goes into flooring, and our mission is not just to meet but surpass your expectations at every stage.

Passion at Our Core

Our genuine passion for what we do shines through in every project. We ensure our clients always get the best of what’s available by staying updated with the latest flooring technology and trends.

Decades of Mastery

Time has been our best teacher. With a rich history in the industry, we’ve seen it all. This experience equips us to handle every aspect of your flooring journey, from the first discussion to the finishing touches.

Tailored to You

No two businesses are the same, and neither are their flooring needs. We take the time to understand your unique requirements and craft solutions that fit just right, all while ensuring your daily operations run smoothly.

Empowering Our Team

The strength of our company lies in the skilled hands and sharp minds of our team. By investing in regular training sessions, we ensure they’re always ahead of the curve, solidifying our place as a trusted name in Leicester’s flooring industry.

We stand out from the crowd by handling all in-house tasks directly without relying on subcontractors. Every floor or surface preparation step is carried out on-site with our specialised equipment. This approach ensures we uphold the highest quality standards and consistently aim for unparalleled excellence.

Collaborating with the Best

Our close relationships with top manufacturers in the industry mean you get access to the finest products. We’re selective about our partnerships, ensuring that quality is never compromised.

Types of Industrial Resin Flooring

Curious about what we can offer or have specific flooring needs in mind? Reach out to the Impact Flooring team. We’re always ready to assist, guiding you through every step of the way. Contact us today and discover what makes us the go-to choice for industrial flooring in Leicester.

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