Floor Preparation

Industrial Flooring Preparation

Impact Flooring offer floor preparation as a standalone service or part of a complete flooring package.

Impact Flooring will offer a bespoke solution depending on the floor that is currently being utilised.

Shot blasting and diamond grinding may sound messy but it is all carried out under powerful three phase vacuums that virtually eliminate dust creation. Edge grinding is carried out by small hand held diamond grinders, again with no dust creation.

Shot Blasting

For an untreated concrete floor we can shot blast, this will also remove coatings. This shoots shots at the floor but its only suitable if you’re going to apply a thick flooring. If you were to paint a floor only, you may see the holes through, therefore, we’d only recommend this practice if you were going to screed your floor.

shot blasting floor preparation

Diamond Grinding

If you need to remove a thickness from a floor, we’d use a high speed DFG grinder first, and then the planetary diamond grinder. This is a four headed machine which all spin in opposite ways, creating a smoother surface. This is a good technique if you’re going to paint your floor.

We also offer diamond floor sawing and breaking out, which cuts sections of floors out, and can allow for drainage installation.

Diamond core drilling can take out a section of your flooring and we can also test your floor to determine the strength of the concrete.

We can do light surface abrasion for floors that have existing coatings or screeds for when you don’t need heavy grinding.

If you’re interested to learn more about floor preparation or any of our flooring solutions then please get in touch.