Epoxy and Polymer Flow Flooring for Warehousing & Storage

Warehousing and storage premises tend to be high traffic, with heavy forklift and pallet truck use.

This is an area where epoxy and polymer resin flooring is particularly valuable. From low cost dust proofers through to high build coatings and pumped polymer screeds, a tired old premises can be transformed into a modern working environment. Worn and damaged floors can be repaired, expansion joints rebuilt, gangways and demarcation introduced to provide a safe, clean workplace.

Nowadays there is a lot of high bay racking within warehouses and it’s important that flooring is level in order to ensure a safe workplace and proper operation of modern high reach fork lift trucks.. We install various types of epoxy and polymer resin flooring to DM3, DM2 and DM1 standards, installing floors to plus or minus one millimetre.

Impact flooring have completed numerous installations in this sector, with most customers coming back to us time and time again for extensions, new factory layouts, new colour schemes or new premises.

In warehousing, demarcation is important, due to the need to keep pedestrian and forklift traffic separate. Impact Flooring provide line marking, stencilling and floor signage to make it clear where pedestrian routes and gangways are in relation to vehicle traffic in order to provide a safe workplace for your employees. Where pedestrians and vehicle traffic meet we can provide safe crossing points such as zebra crossings and hatched areas to keep fire exits clear.

Possible Flooring Solutions

Impact Flooring Services offer a full range of Resin flooring types to suit all situations.