London-based Industrial flooring

Resin floors are an increasingly popular option in commercial flooring projects. Impact Flooring Ltd is a family-run flooring contractor that provides both industrial and commercial facilities in London with cost effective and durable flooring solutions of all types.

We are experienced specialists with an unrivalled reputation in the repair and refurbishment of industrial and commercial flooring. We offer bespoke industrial flooring solutions that suit your business needs making  sure that we use the very best materials available to guarantee top quality performance and durability from your new flooring installation.

Resin Flooring London

We are specialist providers of Epoxy Resin flooring systems that offer a variety of beneficial properties including slip resistance, chemical resistance, durability and seamlessness. Our Epoxy Resin floors are ideally suited to the automotive, healthcare and aerospace industries, yet we can also offer decorative Epoxy Resin flooring solutions that are perfect for commercial facilities. We recommend you get in touch with our friendly and experienced team to find out what flooring solution would best suit your requirements.

Resin Flooring Expert Installations

As experts in resin flooring, with years of experience in London and the UK, Impact Flooring offers an unrivalled service in the supply and installation of resin floors. Our installers have worked throughout London and the UK for many years, over hundreds of commercial projects

We are highly qualified to meet your resin flooring requirements with best solutions:

  • Concrete clear or coloured Epoxy Seal Industrial Floors
  • Clear or coloured Epoxy Floor Paint,
  • High Build Epoxy/Polyurethane Coatings,
  • Self-Leveling Epoxy/Polyurethane resin floors systems,
  • Very heavy duty Epoxy/ Polyurethane Screeds
  • Polished concrete
  • Damp Proof Membranes for high moisture floors
  • Anti-static resin floor systems
  • Industrial wall epoxy/polyurethane finishes
  • Epoxy floor systems for outside use.
  • Epoxy floor repairs.
  • Epoxy/Polyurethane covings/skirtings.

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If you would like to learn more about our resin flooring in London, then please get in touch with one of our helpful and friendly team members! We are proud of our high-quality flooring solutions and our outstanding customer service.