Advantages of Installing Resin Floor

So, you may have read our blog on what is resin flooring. Now we are going to explain the advantages of resin flooring.

Incorporating resin flooring into your business has a range of practical and visual benefits that you will notice in both the short and long term. But if you need a bit more information about why you should take the leap and install resin flooring, have a read of our top three advantages of installing resin flooring.

1. Durability

One of the main advantages of installing a resin flooring system is that they are more durable than many other flooring solutions. The reason for this is that resin floors are not only stronger and better able to withstand force damage that comes in the form of cracks, chips and cuts, but they’re also mixed with a unique sealant component that protects them against water and other types of moisture damage. This means that you can use your floor and spill a variety of different substances, all without having any concern for whether the floor will show signs of damage.

This means that resin floors have a much longer life than most types of floor material. Therefore, you’ll be able to maintain the resin flooring easier and for a longer period of time without having to worry about replacing it. While the initial cost of resin flooring is higher than that of many other materials, this benefit is one that makes it more convenient than other materials for many months and years to come.

2. Appearance and Safety

A huge range of finishes are possible using resin based systems from colour choice to the addition of coloured quartz, and decorative flake systems including natural and dyed aggregates.

An anti slip surface can be achieved by adding graded aggregates within the base layer, different properties can be produced by the size and/or coverage rates ensuring the best choice for wet or greasy floors can be achieved. Colours can be added to the resin to result in flooring that can coordinate with your paint scheme. Industrial resin flooring is good for schools, food production areas, hospitals, warehouses and pharmaceutical production.

3. Low Maintenance

Resin floors can be washed, disinfected or even steam-cleaned to ensure sanitation without losing its robust properties. These floors can also withstand acids, alkalis, solvents and petrol without damage. Read our blog on how to care for resin flooring to find out how you can care for your floor.

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