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As we’ve said before, we work with a wide range of different customers here at Impact Flooring and this means we have a great deal of experience in a lot of industries. Rather than focusing on one specific sector, we have broadened our services to accommodate them all. One of these industries is the food industry. We’re often approached by customers who are in need of a high quality industrial flooring solution for their food business. Each time, we do our best to provide them with a flooring solution that ticks every box.

The food industry is constantly changing, with modern techniques and state of the art machinery being added at all times. This is why so many food industry businesses are seeking out a new industrial flooring solution. After all, wouldn’t you want flooring that meets the high standard of the business? Luckily, we have a great range of food industry flooring solutions.

Food Industry Flooring Solutions

As with all of our customers, we take the time to get to know you and your business; this allows us to get a good feel for what it is you do and what it is you need. As no two businesses are alike, we understand the importance of creating a solution that meets your unique requirements. For example, you may require a floor with a non-slip finish or a floor that’s really easy to clean. Whatever you need, we can provide it.

When we install a flooring solution into a factory or warehouse in the food sector, there are very specific things we need to consider. For example, the food sector doesn’t really stop completely and this means we’re unable to ask the business to halt work for a day or two; this wouldn’t be practical and it could be costly for the business. Instead, we offer to work overnight and on weekends. This way we’re able to install the flooring to a high standard, whilst creating very little disruption.

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At Impact Flooring, we guarantee a high quality flooring solution to all of our food sector customers. Regardless of business size or location, we’re able to find an industrial flooring solution that does exactly what you need it to do. To find out more about Impact Flooring and the services we offer, get in touch. Contact us today on 0247 648 0741. Alternatively, get in touch online and speak to a member of the Impact Flooring team.

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