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How To: Clean Flooring in a Wet Environment

If you work in a wet environment, you’ll know just how important it is that the floor remains clean as much as possible. After all, failing to keep things clean could result in the spread of bacteria or the build up of dirt. At Impact Flooring, we’ve worked with a number of businesses that have wet environments and so we’re well aware of the struggles that arise with keeping it clean.

Tips for Cleaning Floors in a Wet Environment

Over the years, we’ve installed industrial flooring solutions in a range of wet environments such as hospitals and food processing factories. So, we know a fair bit about keeping things clean and hygienic. Here are some of our top tops for cleaning industrial flooring:

  • Keep Things Frequent

With wet environments, there’s no point in only cleaning the floor every so often; this can lead to the buildup of dirt and debris. Instead, stick to a regular cleaning schedule. Not only does this ensure the floor is clean most of the time but it also makes cleaning quicker as there’s less to contend with each time.

  • Work as a Team

In a large industrial environment, it can be difficult to find the time to stay on top of a cleaning schedule. This is why we recommend working as a team; with more people helping out, the job will be finished quicker.

  • Keep the Public Safe

If the environment is one that’s used by members of the public, ensure they are kept safe at all times. Cleaning a floor in a wet environment usually means that there are wet areas, many of which people can miss; this can result in falls and personal injury. Always put signs up to indicate when cleaning is taking place and where a wet floor is likely.

  • Ensure Equipment is Well Maintained

In order to carry out a high level clean, you need to use equipment that’s up to the job. This means using tools and products that have been designed to clean an industrial environment. Additionally, it is always recommended to clean equipment before and after use to make sure no bacteria or dirt is transferred onto the clean floor.

At Impact Flooring, we’re able to install high level industrial flooring in a range of wet environments. With our team of experts and professional service, our clients are never disappointed. To find out more about any of our industrial flooring solutions, get in touch.

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