Impact Flooring Services

Impact Flooring Services Ltd are providers of flooring applications to industry, which are tailored to the individual working environment. As a specialist epoxy flooring company, the ethos at Impact is to continuously strive to provide a first class system coupled with top quality service and after sales care.

We’re Passionate About What We Do

Impact’s dedication to excellence is borne out by our achievement of the highest quality and environmental accreditation within the field; ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004. Impact Flooring are active members of FeRFA (Federation of Resin Formulators and applicators).

Utilising our many years of experience within the industry and ensuring that we keep abreast of all new products, technologies and application techniques enables us to offer totally bespoke applications for a wide range of industrial settings.

At Impact Flooring each customer is an individual and their business needs are paramount; we work alongside them to create a functional surface that is installed with minimum disruption.

To ensure satisfaction we provide first class products, integrity and a thorough understanding of your business operations and project objectives.

FeRFA Categorisation Into Eight Types

  • Type 1 – Floor Seal
  • Type 2 – Floor Coating
  • Type 3 – High Build Floor Coating
  • Type 4 – Multi Layer Flooring
  • Type 5 – Flow Applied Flooring
  • Type 6 – Screed Flooring
  • Type 7 – Heavy Duty Flowable Flooring
  • Type 8 – Heavy Duty Screed Flooring

Each of these types represent degrees of durability of flooring finish appropriate for different types of application which form the basis of accurate specifying.

The FeFRA Promise From Impact Flooring Services Limited

Technical data covering each of the eight FeRFA types of resin are available. In order to adhere to the FeRFA Guide and to the relevant British Standards, specialist consultation covering system, application and environment must take place before specification can be established. If you have a potential project which you would like more information on, then please feel welcome to call our customer services department to discuss this further, or to arrange a free initial consultation visit.

At Impact Flooring we are dedicated to providing our clients with a truly professional service from start to finish. We do this in a personalised way as we understand that every client is different, as are their flooring needs. Some clients contact us knowing exactly what they need, and that’s great, but others require the input of our team and that’s where our bespoke approach to flooring services comes in. In fact, we work with our clients to create functional flooring rather than simply telling them what we feel they need. After all, no one knows a business or industrial space better than those who use it and so we combine customer insight with our own professional knowledge, opinion and advice to create a service that will fulfil its purpose.

About Impact Flooring

We don’t believe that anyone provides the same type of flooring solutions as we do and they are certainly not as bespoke. Between our management team, design team and site supervision team we have over 80 years’ experience in epoxy and polyurethane resin flooring, which is a lot more than most. This type of flooring is complex, which is why it is important to seek the services of a specialised team such as Impact Flooring to avoid any mishaps or half-finished jobs. Our experience does extend far and wide which means we also work with other materials to create different floors for different clients. It isn’t a case of having one type of flooring and offering it to everyone, but instead it’s about choosing the best material needed for that job. Regardless of the requirements, everything is bespoke and we stay away from any ‘one size fits all’ solutions.

At Impact Flooring we’ve seen everything, so don’t let a floor in an extremely poor condition put you off as there is rarely a location whereby the condition of the floor cannot be worked on. In fact, we’ve seen a whole host of different warehouses and businesses in disarray and have always been able to utilise our experience to work with the customer to find a solution that meets their requirements, fulfils its purpose and stays within budget.

Customer Needs

Customer needs are paramount at Impact Flooring and everyone is treated as an individual. All our projects are closely monitored and every client is allocated a member of the management team or site supervision team that is available at any time for questions and updates. As all of our services are completely personalised and the flooring solutions we install are bespoke, it’s useful to have a member of staff that is constantly up to date with a specific project. We found this is the best way for our clients to stay up to date with their flooring and any questions that crop up can be asked and answered within a few minutes.

At Impact Flooring we understand the disruption that can come from having new flooring put down whether that’s in a home, business or an industrial warehouse. However, when you choose Impact Flooring you can rest assured that disruption will be kept to a minimum and our teams work hard to ensure your operations can go ahead as normal wherever possible. We will work around your schedule whether that is at the weekends or during the evening to ensure there is as little or even no downtime or disruption to your work schedules. In addition to this, we always aim to complete a project on time and to the highest standard so that deadlines are not missed.

Impact Flooring Complete Flooring Solutions

We offer the complete range of bespoke flooring solutions and do so with the extensive experience required to ensure we do a good job. From preparation and repairs to flooring and drainage installations, Impact Flooring are a company that can provide the full range of flooring services.

For every project we work on we follow a four step process. First, we perform a site survey and assess the needs of the client. Then, we formulate a plan and decide on the best course of action to take. Next, we prepare the site, order materials and ensure everything is in place for work to commence. The last, and arguably most important, step is the actual work. This is where we really come into our own and the team works tirelessly through to the completion of the project.

At Impact Flooring, the needs of our clients and their unique requirements come first and that is why we always provide professional, bespoke flooring solutions!

The Team and Training

As with a lot of other industries, flooring is constantly evolving and updated training is always needed. In order to continue to provide our bespoke flooring solutions, epoxy resin and polyurethane flooring we need to keep on top of technology. Through our time in the industry, Impact Flooring have noticed that the only way to continue to provide an unmatched service is through regular training and working to improve all current skills. Regular specialist courses are offered to our staff and we view training as a constant and ongoing necessity. Without keeping on top of new products, technologies and techniques we wouldn’t be able to offer the bespoke flooring solutions for the range of industries we do. So, if anything changes in the flooring industry we are first in line to find out.

One thing we found with many of our competitors is the use of subcontractors for in-house work, and though that may work for some companies it isn’t something that we here at Impact Flooring are keen on. Though using subcontractors can make the workload easier to manage and would mean we didn’t need to invest in specialist equipment, it does mean we can’t be sure of the quality of work being provided and therefore all our preparation is carried out on site using our own extensive preparation equipment. This means everything is closely monitored and nothing less than perfect is accepted.

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