Concrete Repair & Restoration

Concrete is the preferred material of choice for many industrial environments, such as factory and warehouse flooring due to providing a strong, durable service. Nonetheless, even concrete – one of the strongest materials used in the construction of industrial flooring – is liable to damage and erosion, which can result in a variety of defects and leave it requiring professional concrete repair services.

Damaged Concrete Floor

Impact Flooring Services provide a full range of concrete floor repair products and systems, including cement based polymer modified mortars, epoxy resins and polyurethane resins to repair old, damaged floors back to a useable standard.

Further resin coating or screed systems may be subsequently applied to transform tired old slabs. The picture above shows a floor that was heavily contaminated with adhesives from a previous occupant. Impact first prepared the slab using high speed, low dust diamond grinding, which revealed that the slab had been damaged extensively. Repairs were carried out, in this case using epoxy resin flooring repair mortar, prior to the installation of a polyurethane resin screed.

We can guide you through the process of diagnosis repair and protection in order to provide long-term durability. We not only repair damage, but also extend the life of the current structure.

With a wide range of application techniques and industry-leading knowledge, Impact Flooring can fully support you with your project. If you require concrete floor repair services or would like to learn more, please contact us.

Choose a Colour that Suits You

All of the flooring systems that we install are available in a range of standard colours. (See colour chart) However, any RAL or BS colour can be manufactured to order to provide bespoke requirements, for example your corporate colours.