TBS Engineering

Health & Safety – A primary consideration for TBS Engineering project

The team at Impact Flooring has just completed a major industrial flooring project on behalf of world-leading battery assembly automation Group TBS Engineering, installing Resdev’s Pumashield SF materials at the company’s advanced manufacturing plant in Gloucestershire. The project forms part of a wider continuous initiative to enhance health & safety at the plant, which supplies machines to OEM and replacement battery manufacturers across the globe.

TBS Engineering Floor preparation

With a brief to install a new flooring system designed around performance and longevity, the Impact team designed a specification using Pumashield SF, developed by resin flooring specialists Resdev. This high build epoxy floor coating has been used worldwide to create hard wearing surfaces providing both abrasion and chemical resistance, for environments including factories, workshops, warehouses and showrooms.

The area in question measures some 800m2 in total. In order to avoid any disruption to production schedules, the Impact team proposed a schedule splitting the area into four 200m2 sections, with each completed over four consecutive weekends, eliminating downtime and thereby reducing overall costs for TBS Group.

Diamond grinding floor preparation

Prior to applying the new flooring system, Impact began by diamond grinding the existing surface to optimise performance. With safety a primary consideration on this site, Pumashield’s solvent-free properties were of particular benefit, ensuring the process presented no health and safety risks for personnel employed in other areas of the factory.

TBS Engineering Blue Gloss Anti-Slip Finish Floor

The end result in terms of aesthetics was also an important consideration for TBS Group, with regular customer visits to the site. Pumashield presented the ideal solution, providing a robust and attractive blue gloss finish with proven levels of slip resistance.

TBS Engineering new epoxy resin floor

This is a busy manufacturing area, and TBS Engineering placed significant emphasis on the need to keep pedestrians safe. Using specialist techniques, the Impact Flooring team used colour stencilling and demarcation lines to create ‘safe passage’ areas separating people from wheeled traffic.

Commenting for TBS Group, Colin Marshall underlined the importance of this project. “Impact Flooring completed this complex project successfully on time and to budget,” he stated. “Choosing these materials formed part of our ongoing ‘Automating Tomorrow’ strategy, keeping us at the forefront in our market and clearly demonstrating our commitment to quality, sustainability and safety across the plant.”

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