YorkHouse Foods

Yorkhouse foods are suppliers of cooked meats to large pub/restaurant chains and were installing new industrial ovens to their site near Bedford. To maintain production, the entire project had to be completed in four days.

After the engineering contractor had taken out the existing ovens, Impact removed the existing sub floor, which had been badly corroded over the years, and replaced it with a fast curing resin system, which allowed the new ovens to be installed the next day. Following oven installation, Impact then installed a polyurethane screed and coving system to the remaining floor area to complete the project on time.

Within the Food Industry and to include RTE (Ready to Eat) applications, flooring quality is of critical importance in relation to Load and Bacteria control.

Over my long career I’ve had a number of bad experiences but now I have found a flooring partner who I can trust and who understands food attire requirements and the prevention of contamination in production environments.

Tony Gilroy
MD- Tony Gilroy food projects