Industrial flooring for the food sector

Industrial Flooring The food sector rarely stops, that’s why at impact flooring we work overnight, through bank holidays and at weekends to ensure we can install a bespoke flooring solution without disrupting the production process. Throughout our years of working

Should You Choose Epoxy Flooring?

Why Epoxy Flooring? Epoxy flooring has many benefits across a range of different sectors. They can improve the aesthetics of a floor, add a polished and shiny coat while being durable and adding longevity to a floor. They have become

Maintaining your concrete and epoxy coated floor

Epoxy Coated Flooring Having gone to the expense of fitting a concrete floor your next step is to ensure its quality and longevity by using some of our maintenance tips listed below. Just by following a few simple steps and

Which industrial flooring do you need? Part Two

Industrial Flooring Solutions In part one of this new piece we mentioned that here at Impact we believe that industry floors are rarely beyond repair. That’s why we offer numerous solutions to repair damage done by the normal wear and

What Industrial Flooring Do You Need?

Industrial Flooring Solutions Is it beyond repair? With such a variety of industrial flooring types on offer it may seem daunting when considering which option would best suit your working environment. Firstly, here at Impact Flooring we rarely come across

How Much Do Resin Floors Cost?

The cost of Resin Floors One of the first thoughts of a client when considering new or improved industrial flooring is the cost. Each job is unique so we always require a visit to the site in order to conduct