Why Has Epoxy Flooring Grown In Popularity?

Over the years, a number of new industrial flooring solutions have entered the market, all of which offer something a little bit different. Whereas many businesses previously opted for a simple concrete floor they now have a lot more options

Coving for Industrial Flooring Solutions

There are a lot of different industrial flooring options to choose from, including those that are perfectly suited for wet environments and those that offer flexibility. However, it’s important that industrial flooring solutions are not overlooked. For example, have you

New Factory Flooring For The New Year

There comes a time for every business when a new factory floor is needed and there’s no better time than at the beginning of the year. A new year is often associated with new beginnings and new starts, so why

What Industrial Flooring Solutions Can You Choose From?

Many years ago, the choices a business had for their flooring were few and far between. In fact, a lot of industries had to settle for cheap floors that could be easily installed. However, things have changed. There are now

At Impact Flooring, We Do Industrial Flooring Differently

There are a lot of different companies out there that provide what we do, industrial flooring. However, at Impact Flooring we like to think that we offer something that others do not. Instead of merely providing our clients with a

Do You Know This About Flooring Processes?

Industrial Flooring When it comes to having an industrial floor installed, most people leave everything up to the professionals and this is generally the best thing to do. After all, we know what we’re doing and we’re able to ensure

Resin Flooring Demarcation for Industrial Environments

Though a lot of thought usually goes into choosing a certain flooring solution and deciding on what a specific environment requires from a new floor, a lot of people tend to forget that the industrial flooring finish is just as