Industrial Flooring for Busy Businesses

When you’re looking for brand new industrial flooring, you should take into consideration how busy the business is. For example, busy businesses are likely to see a lot of foot traffic and therefore the industrial flooring chosen should be able

Learn More About Our Top Accreditation

Top Safety Accreditation for Local business Impact Flooring has been awarded accreditation from Alcumus SafeContractor for achieving excellence in health and safety in the workplace. Alcumus SafeContractor is a leading third party accreditation scheme which recognises extremely rigorous standards in

Is Your Factory Flooring Doing Its Job?

Whether you’re in the market for a new floor or you’re simply exploring your options, it’s important to consider whether the factory flooring you have is doing its job. Of course, the main role of factory flooring is to offer

The Many Benefits of Resin Flooring for Your Business

Many businesses automatically choose to have concrete flooring installed, with very little thought for anything else. However, this means that many businesses miss out on the benefits of resin flooring. Resin flooring is a fantastic industrial flooring solution, one we’re

Can Epoxy Flooring Be Used In All Industries?

One of the fantastic things about epoxy flooring, is that it’s extremely versatile; this means it works well in a range of different locations. Rather than being an industrial flooring solution that’s well suited to a very specific industry, it

How To Care For Concrete Industrial Flooring

At Impact Flooring we firmly believe that properly taking care of an industrial floor is one of the best ways to ensure you get your money’s worth. Not only does doing so ensure your floor stays looking its best, but

Industrial Flooring for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Regardless of what industry you work in, it’s important to find an industrial flooring solution that does what you need it to do. This is especially true for the pharmaceutical industry, as there are specific requirements that need to be

Specialist Coatings for Industrial Floors

Regardless of how high quality an industrial flooring is, sometimes a coating is necessary. Even the professional industrial floors we install can often benefit from an epoxy or polyurethane coating. Whether it’s to protect the floor from chemicals or to