Why is Floor Preparation Important?

If you’re looking to have a new industrial flooring solution installed in your workplace, it’s vital that you arrange for professional floor preparation to take place beforehand. Without floor preparation, it’s extremely difficult to install a floor to the high

Choose a Team of Expert Industrial Flooring Professionals

If you’re looking to have a brand new industrial flooring solution installed at your place of work, it’s vital that you seek out a team of trained professionals. This is where Impact Flooring comes in. At Impact Flooring, thanks to

How to Professionally Improve Your Factory Floor

It doesn’t matter on the type of factory floor that you have or the type of industry that you work in, eventually you will need to think about improving your factory floor. At one point or another, you’ll start to

Chemical Resistant Floors for UK Businesses

Regardless of what industry you work in, there’s a high chance that you use chemicals each and every day at work. This is the case for a lot of industrial businesses and it’s hard to avoid. Whether you use them