Can Resin Be Used On Floors?

Resin floors are commonly found in commercial and industrial settings. Resin coatings are typically applied over a concrete floor and by doing so it helps in providing a smooth, durable, high-performance surface that will stand up to the test of time by lasting for years while also having the capacity to withstand constant heavy traffic.

Many commercial buildings, warehouses, and industrial sites are reliant on resin floors so that safe conditions are maintained for employees, inventory, and equipment.

What Are the Advantages of Resin Floors?

Resin floor coatings come with numerous advantages in comparison to other types of floor coating that are applied over a concrete base:

Resin coatings create a high-gloss, shiny surface that helps to improve the lighting of interior areas.

They provide a durable, hard-wearing surface that is able to withstand continuous and heavy traffic.

Resin floors are easy and quick to install when we complete the job. There’s no laying out required, no cutting of additional adhesives, and no specialised tools or equipment needed.

The floor coatings are seamless and therefore very easy to keep clean while lasting for years, they are very resistant to moisture and staining.

Resin coatings are easy to combine with various paints and different colours that help to disguise cracks and chips in the floor. The coatings provide for a chemical-resistant surface that’s ideal for manufacturing facilities.

The flooring can enhance levels of safety in terms of anti-slip properties. Simply add an anti-slip additive to the coating.

Resin floor coatings can be applied in varying patterns. This is ideal for creating easily identifiable areas for walking and more besides.

On existing concrete floors, resin coatings help in the prevention of wear and tear.

Resin floor coatings are sometimes compatible with products that are self-leveling and that can be applied over old or new concrete.

On account of the fast application of resin floors, interruption to work is kept to a minimum.

Given the durability and amount of protection resin floor coatings offer, it is a very reasonably priced flooring surface.

And finally, resin floors take little maintenance to keep them looking good. Meaning you can show clients around industrial areas with confidence in the floor.

Resin Floors

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