Concrete Floor Cracks and the Importance of Repairing Them

Have you noticed cracks emerging in your recently laid concrete floor? As well as being unsightly, you might be worried that these cracks could present lasting damage to your floor’s surface.  This article looks at why concrete floors crack, why

What is the Importance of Factory Flooring?

All factory flooring has to be tough. It has to be able to stand up to the persistent weight of heavy equipment and constant footfall. Among the most commonly utilised materials in all types of construction, concrete can withstand factory

The Importance Of Concrete Repair

There are a lot of different industrial flooring solutions to choose from, which means that every business has the chance to find a floor that ticks every box. More often than not, industrial businesses choose to go with a high

The Importance of Repairing Your Concrete Floor

If you have a concrete floor in your industrial warehouse or factory, you need to stay on top of its general wear and tear. Many people assume that concrete can’t be damaged, they simply have the floor professionally installed by

How To Improve Your Concrete Floor

At Impact Flooring, we are often approached by customers who want to improve their concrete floor. Usually, these are concrete floors that don’t need replacing but could do with a bit of an upgrade. After all, there’s very little point

Concrete Floor Repair for Industrial Workplaces

When it comes to industrial workplaces, a lot of businesses have chosen to have concrete floor installed. This is because concrete is strong, durable and works well under extreme usage. In fact, we often recommend concrete flooring to our customers.

How To Care For Concrete Industrial Flooring

At Impact Flooring we firmly believe that properly taking care of an industrial floor is one of the best ways to ensure you get your money’s worth. Not only does doing so ensure your floor stays looking its best, but

Concrete Repair for Industrial Flooring

Concrete is one of the most popular choices for industrial flooring, especially in environments where a strong flooring solution is necessary. Concrete is durable, strong and can withstand the heavy vehicles and machinery it often has to contend with. In

How An Epoxy Coating Can Improve Your Concrete Flooring

Impact Flooring are experts in industrial flooring, offering solutions that fit your business needs and industry regulations. We pride ourselves on our range of flooring solutions, whether we are providing floor repairs or specialist coatings, we always provide specialist expertise and

Clean and Maintain Concrete Flooring

 Concrete Floor Cleaning Although concrete is a fairly low maintenance flooring surface, no flooring material is maintenance free. The amount of maintenance your flooring will need will depends on the amount of traffic it receives and the environment it is