What is the Importance of Factory Flooring?

All factory flooring has to be tough. It has to be able to stand up to the persistent weight of heavy equipment and constant footfall. Among the most commonly utilised materials in all types of construction, concrete can withstand factory

The Importance of Modern Factory Flooring

Over the prior hundred years and more factory flooring has undoubtedly seen many changes. During the Victorian era, factory flooring was all about wooden or basic concrete floors. Now, there’s so much choice available to suit all types of factories.

3 Great Things About Factory Flooring

When you are looking for a brand new floor for a factory, you will need to choose one that is suitable for that environment. Otherwise, you run the risk of the floor becoming damaged far sooner than you would have

Why is the Impact Flooring Team So Popular?

Here at Impact Flooring, we have a number of customers that have come to us time and time again. This is because we provide a professional, efficient and effective service. It doesn’t matter what industrial flooring solution we are installing

Do You Need a New Factory Floor? Let Us Help

When it comes to having a new factory floor installed, it is important to seek out a team of experts. Though there are a fair few companies out there offering extremely affordable industrial flooring services, these are not always the

Here’s What Makes Factory Flooring Great

When you’re paying out for  new factory flooring, you’ll want to make sure that it’s a high quality solution. After all, there’s no point in wasting money on a solution that’ll need replacing sooner rather than later. You’ll want it

Choose The Perfect Industrial Flooring Solution

Choosing an industrial flooring solution can be stressful, especially if you haven’t had to do it before. With so many industrial flooring solutions available, knowing which is best for you is difficult. After all, you’ll want to avoid spending money

Start 2019 With Brand New Industrial Flooring

There is no perfect time to have an industrial flooring solution installed at your place of work, but there’s really no point in waiting. With the new year right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about kicking off