Why Install a Resin Floor in Commercial Kitchen Areas?

Commercial kitchen flooring is typically subjected to harsh daily requirements. Anything from extremes in temperatures to hot oil exposure to frequently moist conditions, metal pots being dropped, and ongoing footfall. Further, the commercial kitchen is among the most regulated in

How to Choose Your Industrial Flooring Solution

With so many different types of industrial flooring to choose from, it isn’t always easy to narrow down your options. You may find yourself town between two popular options, or you may have little to no idea of where to

High Quality Flooring for the Food Industry

As we’ve said before, we work with a wide range of different customers here at Impact Flooring and this means we have a great deal of experience in a lot of industries. Rather than focusing on one specific sector, we

How To: Clean Flooring in a Wet Environment

If you work in a wet environment, you’ll know just how important it is that the floor remains clean as much as possible. After all, failing to keep things clean could result in the spread of bacteria or the build

Industrial flooring for the food sector

Industrial Flooring The food sector rarely stops, that’s why at impact flooring we work overnight, through bank holidays and at weekends to ensure we can install a bespoke flooring solution without disrupting the production process. Throughout our years of working