How Long Does It Take to Repair Industrial Flooring?

Repairing industrial flooring is a process that can require a considerable amount of time. A variety of factors determines the amount of time needed, and it depends upon the size of the floor, its condition, as well as the type

The Advantages of Using Resin for Industrial Flooring

With an increasing reliance on productivity and safety, resin flooring has become a popular choice in many industrial settings. The qualities of resin have created a shift from traditional cement tiles to this more practical alternative for industrial flooring. For

What is the Hardest Wearing Industrial Flooring?

How Long Should the Floor Last? Most business owners will want their industrial flooring to last for at least several years. Flooring replacement is a costly business, both in terms of disruption to business and financially. Adding a surface hardener

How To Use Industrial Floor Buffers

If you use an industrial floor buffer, it makes life easy when it comes to removing skid marks and dust, and you’ll be able to restore the floor’s pristine shine in no time. Industrial floor buffers, when utilised on an

The Importance Of Heavy Duty Industrial Flooring

Flooring is always a very important feature of any given space. However, that level of importance is elevated when the flooring is for a property that is used for industrial purposes. Industrial units, manufacturing and engineering facilities, factories, they can

How to Tell if it’s Time to Replace Your Industrial Flooring

There’s no question that your employees’ performance is more easily optimised when the environment they work in is well-ordered and clean. The condition of industrial flooring is an important overall aspect of this. The majority of industrial floors start to

Which Industrial Flooring Solution is Right for You?

It can be difficult to find a suitable industrial flooring solution since there are a variety of factors that will very likely impact the final decision. Among these factors is the cost of installation as well as the downtime involved

What Different Types of Industrial Flooring are There?

At Impact Flooring, we offer an expansive array of industrial flooring alternatives. If you know which option is right for your premises it will save you time and save you money as well. In this article, we take a look

Our Chemical Resistant Industrial Flooring

The majority of industrial businesses will use chemicals in some way, which is why it is vital that we offer a range of chemical resistant industrial flooring solutions. Though standard industrial flooring solutions are strong and durable to some extent,

What Are Your Industrial Flooring Needs?

When you come to Impact Flooring, you will immediately notice that we take your industrial flooring needs into account. Though there are a lot of similar businesses out there, we know that you are bound to have some unique requirements.