Which Industrial Flooring Solution is Right for You?

It can be difficult to find a suitable industrial flooring solution since there are a variety of factors that will very likely impact the final decision. Among these factors is the cost of installation as well as the downtime involved

What Different Types of Industrial Flooring are There?

At Impact Flooring, we offer an expansive array of industrial flooring alternatives. If you know which option is right for your premises it will save you time and save you money as well. In this article, we take a look

Polyurethane Flooring

Depending on the industry and requirements, there are many different types of resin flooring;- epoxy resin coatings and screeds, polyurethane coatings and screeds, polyaspartic coatings and cement based polymers. Polyurethane systems, although useful to many industries, are particularly suited to

Why Choose Impact Flooring For Your Warehouse Floor?

If you are looking for brand new warehouse flooring, you have come to the right place. At Impact Flooring, you will be able to choose from a wide range of warehouse flooring options. This means that you will be able

3 Things That Make Impact Flooring Different

If you are looking for a talented and professional industrial flooring company, you have come to the right place. At Impact Flooring, we do our best to offer an impressive service at all times and there are a number of

Do Chemical Resistant Floors Really Work?

There are a lot of different industrial flooring solutions to choose from, many of which are resistant to chemicals. These floors are ideal for any business where chemical spills are likely. Rather than worrying about how a chemical will impact

What Can Impact Flooring Offer You?

There are a number of different companies offering similar services and solutions to us, but we are confident in our ability to offer more than most. When you are having a new industrial flooring solution installed, it’s important to choose

Industrial Flooring for Pharmaceutical Businesses

At Impact Flooring, we offer a wide range of industrial flooring solutions. Instead of providing one or two key types of flooring, we work hard to make sure that we have something for every business; this includes those who work