Why Your Warehouse Floor Needs Improving

Regardless that your warehouse is utilised for industrial activities or for processing, the type of flooring can have a huge impact on the daily operations of your business. You’ll want a flooring that is robust, durable, and easily maintained. But

What Is Warehouse Flooring?

In a busy warehouse, you’re likely to find the toughest of flooring environments. And for good reason – many warehouse floors require a surface that can operate 24 hours a day, seven days each week. Many warehouses have to endure

The Importance of a Good Quality Warehouse Floor

There are a variety of reasons why your warehouse floor should always be in good condition. In this article, we highlight the importance of a good quality warehouse floor and why it’s vital to the ongoing success of your business.

Help Choosing Your New Warehouse Flooring

If you’re looking for new warehouse flooring, you have come to the right place. At Impact Flooring, you won’t be short of great options. We have warehouse flooring for every type of industry, which means that it isn’t difficult to

Should You Seal Your Warehouse Floor?

Warehouse Flooring You may have noticed that we offer a variety of warehouse floors, such as floor seals, but many of our customers are left baffled as to whether or not it’s an investment worth making. At Impact Flooring, we’re

Concrete Floor Repair for Industrial Workplaces

When it comes to industrial workplaces, a lot of businesses have chosen to have concrete floor installed. This is because concrete is strong, durable and works well under extreme usage. In fact, we often recommend concrete flooring to our customers.

Bespoke Colour Flooring for Warehouses and Factories

Every business is different and though the standard flooring options do work well for all, it’s always nice to add a personal touch. At Impact Flooring we have a number of different flooring solutions available including epoxy flooring, polyurethane flooring

Warehouse Flooring: Things To Consider

As with any big business purchase, investing in new warehouse flooring shouldn’t be rushed into. Sure, you’ll want to get rid of the old, damaged floor as soon as possible and the prospect of having a brand new floor running

Why Choose Impact Flooring For Your Warehouse Flooring?

There are a lot of different companies out there that offer cheap, quick and seemingly high quality warehouse flooring – these are all things that are likely to draw you in. As a business you’ll want to keep costs down

Why Is Epoxy Flooring The Best For Factory Flooring?

Epoxy flooring is one of the best types of flooring for a factory or industrial environment, and in recent years it has become increasingly popular. We often suggest epoxy flooring to many of our customers if they’re looking for a