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What Makes Epoxy The Best For Factory Flooring

Industrial Factory Flooring

Epoxy Resin and Polyurethane flooring systems are particularly suitable for industrial and commercial environments such as Factory Flooring, Warehouses, Production Areas, Storage Areas and general industrial use.

Impact Flooring work with you directly to create and install a bespoke, long-lasting resin flooring system for any industrial and commercial environment, new construction or refit. We provide hard-wearing and easy to maintain flooring installations qualify us to solve your factory flooring problems.

Depending on your flooring requirements, Impact Flooring provide a range of specialist resins, cementitious or polished concrete solutions to meet the demands of your environment.

Impact Flooring installs factory floors that present a range of specialist properties including: anti-slip, impact, anti-static, chemical and heat resistance, enabling us to create a different finish depending on the industry, traffic levels and type of traffic your flooring will receive. On top of this, we can install your flooring with minimal downtime as we work during evenings and weekends to suit around your work schedules.

What makes epoxy resin flooring the best option for factory flooring?

  • Quick and professional installation
  • Suitable for use with forklifts, HGVs and pallet trucks
  • Chemical resistant
  • Exceptional durability
  • Slip resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Cost effective due to the durability means you don’t have to replace as often
  • Decorative finish

Impact Flooring install line markings for increased efficiency in the workplace. Walkways, gangways and workstations, demarcation lines can be clearly identified using contrasting colours and hatching helping your working environment to meet health and safety standards.

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