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If you’re looking into an industrial flooring system, a lot of industries need to take into consideration that they need a solution that will cater for high and potentially heavy traffic.

High traffic areas often see a lot of footfall and machinery collision. Areas such as factory entranceways or production areas may need particular protection in order to provide them with enough support to ensure damage does not occur from the continuous stress.

In making your choice, you may need to consider the following:


Your companies flooring in a high-traffic area needs to be extremely durable. Continuous compression and collision can begin to cause a high level of abrasion and lead to cracking, deterioration and crumbling of a flooring system. In this case, we recommend a resin coating; this offers a significantly greater life span of the flooring, providing a floor which will need much less repairs and maintenance, in return saving you money on flooring repairs.


In high traffic areas, you need a flooring that is easy to maintain and clean, in order to create as little disruption as possible to the work schedule and flow of traffic. Resin flooring provides an easy to clean system, leading to minimum repairs, and benefiting your business.


Due to the large amount of footfall and/or machinery impact, it must be clear where the different types of traffic can go. For an industry such as warehouse flooring, the flooring must make it clear that it is for a specific purpose i.e. show directions. If it is in a retail environment it must look equally clean, clear and free from damage in order to reflect well on the high quality of the business. Resin flooring comes in a range of colours and easily allows you to utilise demarcation and stencilling.


The versatility of a resin flooring system is yet another reason as to why it is the perfect solution for use in high-traffic areas. A lot of industries can benefit from a a resin coated concrete flooring system in order to provide your business with the level of flooring protection it requires.


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