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Choosing Warehouse Flooring For A Business

When it comes to choosing warehouse flooring for a business it isn’t always easy. Not only is it difficult to know what your options are, but it isn’t always clear as to what option is best. This is where we come in; at Impact Flooring we provide a range of warehouse flooring options for different types of premises, all of which meet the high standard a warehouse or storage building requires.

Warehouse Flooring at Impact Flooring

Resin flooring for warehouses really is the ideal choice. Not only is it extremely durable and long lasting – despite it having to endure heavy machinery, vehicles and daily use – but it can also be anti-slip, which is an important characteristic to have in a warehouse environment. However, there are a lot of different epoxy and polyurethane resin options to choose from. Though the experts here at Impact Flooring are on hand to help, it’s always useful to have a brief understanding of the different options available for your warehouse.

Demarcation Lines and Stencilling

Health and safety is paramount in the workplace and your warehouse flooring can assist with this. We use the latest resin technology to provide demarcation lines and stencilling on warehouse floors. This can highlight walkways, give warning signs, clearly mark any areas that are out of bounds and it can state the areas in which vehicles are likely to be. Plus, resin flooring can include your company logo if you were interested in fully branding the warehouse.

Multi-Layering Flooring

Many people use multi-layering flooring for their place of work as it is a great way to build up a thicker floor to increase the resistance against wear and tear. This is a popular warehouse flooring option for places where customers or clients are likely to visit such as showrooms, as an impressive decorative finish is possible.

Heavy Duty Screed Flooring

Heavy duty screed flooring is most commonly used in places where food is being made or prepared, due to its ability to withstand bacteria growth, but as it is extremely durable other industries also use it. It can be laid up to a thickness of 12mm and has a lifespan of 10 years or more, so this is definitely a long term warehouse flooring solution that stands the test of time.

Heavy Duty Flowable Systems

Through wear and tear over time, warehouse flooring can begin to break and often warehouse owners assume it’s beyond repair. However, this is rarely the case. At Impact Flooring we can install a heavy duty polymer resin to repair even the most damaged of areas.

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