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How To Improve Your Concrete Floor

At Impact Flooring, we are often approached by customers who want to improve their concrete floor. Usually, these are concrete floors that don’t need replacing but could do with a bit of an upgrade. After all, there’s very little point in replacing a perfectly good floor as this leads to unnecessary costs. Rather than replacing the industrial floor entirely, we recommend making improvements that will ensure the concrete floor is doing the best job it can.

Improve Your Concrete Floor With An Epoxy Coating

Every industrial environment is different and therefore some concrete floors need to be improved more than others. To improve your concrete floor, it’s always best to start by taking care of any cracks or surface damage. The team at Impact Flooring take the time to repair cracks, remove dents and ensure the floor is in the best condition possible. Then, we’re able to get started with improving it.

To improve a concrete floor, we recommend adding an epoxy coating. An epoxy coating is one of the top ways to improve a concrete floor. The coating has a number of advantages and can turn a standard floor into one that is strong, durable and effective. Epoxy coatings can be installed in a wide range of colours, which means the appearance of the concrete flooring can be improved. Not only is this a benefit for visitors and guests, but it creates a nicer working environment for staff. Plus, epoxy coatings can include demarcations and stencils which are ideal for health and safety.

Epoxy coatings add an additional level of durability and strength to a concrete floor. The coating itself is extremely hard wearing and it can prevent further damage from being done to the floor. This level of protection cuts down on flooring damage and, therefore, cuts down on future repair costs.

Epoxy Coatings at Impact Flooring

As you can see, an epoxy coating is a fantastic way to improve your concrete floor. By adding durability and a higher quality finish, the concrete floor is much more likely to last under the strains of machinery and constant use. If you think an epoxy coating could improve your industrial floor, we’re on hand to help. With a passion for industrial flooring solutions and a great deal of experience, the Impact Flooring team are able to provide an unmatched service. To find out more about floor coatings, get in touch. Contact Impact Flooring today on 02476 350 000 or online.

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