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Industrial flooring for the food sector

Industrial Flooring

The food sector rarely stops, that’s why at impact flooring we work overnight, through bank holidays and at weekends to ensure we can install a bespoke flooring solution without disrupting the production process.

Throughout our years of working with clients in this sector we’ve found that food production facilities are constantly upgrading. Factories often need extending, new machinery becomes available or often production techniques are improved upon. The nature of the constant advances in this industry has lead to our customers repeatedly returning to us as they trust our commitment to work for them with the least disruption to their business, whilst leaving a high quality floor behind.

We also stock a substantial amount of flooring materials around the clock in order to ensure our first response to any urgent flooring needs.

Commercial Kitchen Flooring

If you work in a commercial kitchen then we understand that in this fast paced environment where people often work shoulder to shoulder with each other, mess can always be an issue. Mess in a kitchen is not only unhygienic but it can become hazardous. When mess falls to the floor, the importance of non slip and easy to clean flooring is essential to the wellbeing of the kitchens employees and the efficiency of the kitchen as a whole.

Safety is always paramount, and in a hectic environment such as a commercial kitchen the chances of an employee falling is high. Even though the correct shoes can aid in this ensuring that you have a high quality, non slip flooring will further reduce the chances of any slips or falls.

Hygiene is an important factor in any food sector work place. During the lunch and dinner rush hours foods and liquids will almost always spill onto the floor, so your flooring must not only be easy to clean, but it must aid in the prevention of dirt build up. 90 degree corners often become a breeding ground for bacteria, with our coving techniques you can ensure you floor has not jagged corners where dirt can become trapped, but smooth edges that a mop or cloth can get to much easier.

Not only must your flooring solution ensure the safety and hygiene within your work place, but it has to be durable. Knives, bowls and plates can be dropped as frequently as food and liquids. We have the perfect solution. Our epoxy flooring layer over a concrete foundation will be durable, hygienic and, with its non slip solution, safe.

After conducting a full survey of the site our trained and skilled professionals will advise you on every aspect of our flooring solutions in order to create a bespoke and specialised floor perfect for you.

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