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Should You Choose Epoxy Flooring?

Why Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring has many benefits across a range of different sectors. They can improve the aesthetics of a floor, add a polished and shiny coat while being durable and adding longevity to a floor.

They have become popular in pubs, veterinary clinics, commercial kitchens and more. The popularity of epoxy flooring is testament to its range, durability and quality aesthetic finish. Its strength and durability lead to less frequent repairs, meaning they are also an economical and efficient.

Mechanical Repair shops

Due to the easiness with which you can clean this flooring, it is a common choice for mechanical repair shops. Oil stains and chemical abrasions could cause damage to a concrete floor yet are easily dealt with on an epoxy floor. The demarcation that can come with epoxy floors can also be massively useful in work places, using colours and line markings as directions and instructions on the shop floor, such as marking car park bays, differentiating between different departments and more.

Sports Hall Flooring

Sports halls can benefit greatly from this flooring. The demarcations can be used to mark numerous different court lines such as basketball, badminton and volleyball all in the same space by using colour codes. The epoxy protects the concrete underneath from the usual wear and tear of an area with high foot traffic.

The easiness with which is can be cleaned is again a bonus in order to reduce bacteria growth and keep a clean surface. Dirt and pests can be more detectable due to the clean finish allowing you to spot any areas of concern sooner.

Epoxy flooring is also non slip, which can be a great positive in a sports hall in order to reduce injuries and maintaining the safety of the users.

Pharmaceutical Flooring

For similar reasons to the food sector, pharmaceutical warehouses require an incredibly high standard of hygiene, again making the epoxy resin flooring the ideal candidate.

Warehouse Flooring

Demarcation is another sector in which demarcation becomes incredibly valuable and a highly useful resource. It ensures the safety of workers, it can direct traffic and be used to ensure different areas be kept clear, such as fire exits for example.

Education Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floors are also now becoming more popular within the education sector due to their durability, cleanliness and their decorative properties.

Epoxy flooring is always a great positive to work with due to the speed with which it can be installed. The cleanliness is a positive for almost every industry, especially the aforementioned where rules and regulations require certain standards be met. Safety is also always a factor clients account for when choosing epoxy due to its non slip characteristics, the use of demarcation lines and the durability of the surface. Finally, the aesthetics of the epoxy flooring always leave a professional and pleasing finish.

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