Is Epoxy Flooring Safe?

Epoxy floors provide a high level of durability at a cost-effective price. An epoxy coating enhances a floor’s lifespan while simultaneously offering a sleek aesthetic. The coating also provides a good defence against slippages and spills.

So, are epoxy floors safe?

The simple answer to that question: Yes!

When properly applied and in the appropriate setting, this type of flooring is a very safe flooring alternative.

Epoxy resins are a combination of a polymer hardener with an epoxide resin. After application, there’s a chemical reaction that occurs. This chemical reaction is known as ‘curing’.

Throughout the curing process, which for an epoxy coating takes up to 48 hours, the epoxy becomes a solid coating.

Dependent on what the specific need is, the combination of these mixed compounds – the polymer hardener and the epoxide resin – brings about change.

Varying degrees of strength, as well as thermal and chemical resistance, are obtained with differing amounts of resin and hardener.

After the curing process has finished, once the coating is dry, it’s then completely safe as commercial or industrial flooring. Epoxy floors are, likewise, entirely safe for children and animals.

Volatile Organic Compounds in Epoxy Floor Coatings

From some liquids and solids, volatile organic compounds, referred to as VOCs, are emitted as gases.

There are organic chemicals that are found in numerous everyday items – cleaning products, paints, varnishes, and many more. Similarly, there are organic chemicals in epoxy flooring.

All of these products emit VOCs either when in use or when stored.

All epoxies have a VOC level. It’s the VOCs that result in the strong odour found in epoxy.

There is, though, no cause for concern. The majority of epoxies on the market today have few VOCs. Some have none at all. And the reason for that is because of government regulations becoming ever-more rigorous.

Epoxy and Safety Precautions

Because of the VOC content, many epoxies do emit an odour throughout the application process. If the application occurs in a confined space – a space that has little ventilation, then the odour is more extreme.

That said, professionals in the trade, such as Impact Flooring, adhere to stringent safety procedures.

Appropriate work gear provides protection against potential inhalation or oral or dermal (skin) contact with the epoxy. Inhalation of vapours given off from VOCs is prevented by wearing a mask with vapour cartridges. And, of course, protective gloves must be worn at all times when handling epoxy resins.

Specialist Epoxy Flooring Company

For every project we undertake at Impact Flooring Services Ltd, we stick to a four-step process.

Initially, it’s about the site survey and assessing client needs. Next, we create and make decisions about the appropriate course of action.

Then, the site is prepared, and we make sure that the products are ready so we can commence with the work.

Finally, work begins, and our team works tirelessly until the project is complete. At Impact Flooring it is the requirements of our clients that come first every time.

empty warehouse with new epoxy flooring

If you would like to learn more about epoxy flooring solutions, then please get in touch and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help.