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Will a Resin Floor Save You Money?

For anyone that is considering different flooring options, there’s little question that the cost is the most important aspect. To that end, we’ve put together four different pointers to highlight the various benefits of installing a resin floor. These benefits are all about saving money over the long term.

Though a resin floor installation will be a sizeable investment to start, resin will improve your floor’s quality and, over the long term, will reduce the requirement for further financial outlay. Resin flooring is the obvious choice for many businesses. Here’s why:

Maintenance costs are reduced

If you believe concrete to be durable, you’d be right. It is. However, resin is even more durable than concrete. So there’s no chance that a resin floor is going to deteriorate anytime soon.

Resin flooring can withstand all kinds of wear and tear: from forklift traffic through to continual footfall. In turn, you’ll avoid continually forking out for repetitive maintenance.

This is not to say that a resin floor will never need to be repaired. It is to say that the amount of repairs is typically far less than for alternative types of flooring.

Accidents are a reduced risk

Resin may be applied to practically any flooring type with anti-slip properties. This provides a safer surface for foot traffic. Resin flooring helps in reducing accidents in the workplace while it increases your workforce’s efficiency and overall output.

The application of anti-slip can be varied depending on the use of the floor.

Increased efficiency

Resin is a particularly versatile substance. It is available in many colours. As a result, a resin floor is an ideal choice when a floor needs demarcations, separate work areas, safety zones. Again, this can help to improve overall work efficiency as well as safety.

Curing time of resin in comparison to concrete

To fully mature, concrete can take as long as 28 days. Obviously, because of the length of time, this can have a seriously negative impact on workplace operations.

Resin, on the other hand, varies in terms of maturation. But it ranges from a few hours to 48 hours maximum.

Resin flooring, then, is very often a preferable choice to concrete based on this scenario alone.

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