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Resin Flooring in Schools & Colleges

In the education sector, schools and colleges require flooring solutions that are durable, easy to clean and professional. Other safety features, such as anti-slip and hygienic qualities, make resin flooring the perfect application. We’ve listed some qualities found in resin floors that make them well suited to education environments.


Resin flooring is exceptionally durable and hardwearing, making it ideal for places with high daily footfall. Resin flooring in schools and colleges, especially in school corridors where hundreds of pupils walk through each day, requires a flooring solution that can withstand this volume of pedestrian traffic over many years.

Other types of flooring, such as carpet, tiles or vinyl, cannot provide the level of durability and resistance of resin floors. While some of these cheaper options may save money initially, they will become more costly to replace over time.

Low Maintenance

Once installed, resin floors are effortless to maintain. Providing a seamless, smooth surface that is chemical resistant and non-porous makes our floors simple to clean. Coving can be used to eliminate dirt traps where floors meet the wall, and specific applications can withstand high-temperature cleaning methods.

High resistance makes resin flooring a great long-term solution, being very difficult to tamper with or damage.

Professional Appearance

Resin flooring can be decorated to include specific colours, designs and logos. The smooth, clean appearance of resin flooring gives it a professional aesthetic. Different applications, such as multi-layered floors, can consist of decorative base coats or choose from various demarcation lines or stencilling. Stencilling is also great for meeting health and safety requirements, labelling one-way systems or marking out pitches in a sports hall.

Epoxy and Polyurethane Coving

Limited Disruption

We’re able to install resin flooring applications around your schedule, limiting any disruption. In a school, this can be very helpful to minimise disturbances to pupils and teachers. Whether you require work to be completed within weeks or outside of term time, we’re able to accommodate your requirements.

Slip Resistant

Safety is a primary concern within education environments, particularly in schools and colleges. Anti-slip resin flooring can significantly enhance the safety of such spaces. The properties of anti-slip resin flooring in schools and colleges can be incorporated into various resin floor coatings. If you’re looking to increase safety and reduce the risk of slips and trips where staff or pupils might be running or carrying equipment, this is an ideal option to consider.

anti-slip resin flooring

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