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Why Choose Resin Flooring for Hygienic Environments

Hygiene is crucial in specific work environments, such as hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Flooring in these industries has to meet certain criteria to make cleaning and maintenance possible and meet cleanliness standards. Resin flooring can meet the requirements of these specialist work environments, and we’ve detailed a few reasons why you should choose a resin application for your hygienic floor.

Cheaper Methods Affect Health & Safety

Cheaper flooring options such as vinyl may save you money in the interim but will undoubtedly create more problems in the long run. Rips, creasing, and warping are safety hazards common with vinyl flooring, creating dirt traps where bacteria are likely to grow. Vinyl is not very durable, meaning that more intense cleaning and daily usage make it unsuitable for this kind of environment.

Tiled floors are more resistant and hard-wearing. However, cracks in tiles or wear and tear of the mortar will create dirt traps and collect dust, allowing bacteria to grow. Again, the nature of this material makes it unsuitable for hygienic flooring.


Resin floors are seamless, which means they avoid creating dirt traps where bacteria can grow. Our floor applications provide a smooth, sealed surface that will not trap dirt or dust and can be cleaned very easily. Coved skirting also helps to eliminate similar dirt traps where the floor meets the wall. We’re able to provide a complete ceiling to floor solution to meet any requirements, enabling you to hose and wash down the whole room. This feature makes resin floors exceptionally well suited to environments that undergo rigorous cleaning, making the process much easier.

Easy to Clean

As mentioned above, resin floors are easier to clean as they maintain a smooth, flat surface without trapping dirt or dust. Also, polyurethane resin can withstand high temperatures, allowing you to steam clean the floor up to 130 degrees. Resin is non-porous, so it will not retain any water or liquid, protecting the foundation material. In addition, falls or liquid “run-offs” can be included to incorporate drainage systems as part of a cleaning routine.

Antimicrobial Properties

Resin flooring can also have antimicrobial properties making it the perfect application in medical settings. An antimicrobial floor will help to reduce bacteria growth and become resistant to germs, mould and fungi on its surface. The result of this will be an overall cleaner floor while also reducing odours and staining.

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