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Three reasons our clients invest in industrial flooring

Investing in Industrial Flooring

Purchasing and allowing for a team to lay a new floor is no small task. We work when it suits you and you work schedule best, through the night or the weekend we want to ensure we can fit the perfect floor for your business, while disrupting your work schedule the least.

For 80 years we have been meeting first time customers, visiting potential work sites, conducting inspections and delivering quotes. Our extensive experience and knowledge has led us to understand some of the main reasons why our clients come to us for industrial flooring.

Safety First

Good industrial flooring is the first and most essential step to a safe work place. Whether you place require heavy duty flooring, heat or chemical resistance, or demarcation line markings, here at Impact Flooring we ensure our work will lead to a safer workplace for our clients. Not only can industrial flooring ensure the well being of employees, it can be seen in increased productivity in the work place.

The need for floor demarcations varies. You may need to ensure fire exits are kept clear, director visitors on the work place floor or distinguish traffic routes; all of which will further ensure work place safety, as well as health and safety law compliance in many cases.

Wear and Tear

As with all things, eventually the wear and tear of everyday life in a workplace can take its toll on industrial flooring. Whether you require floor screeding, joint and concrete repairs or it’s time to start fresh with our bespoke epoxy flooring, Impact Flooring understands that no floor is indestructible. Whether a growth in business has lead to an increase in traffic, or larger plant and machinery, we have the solution for you.

For example, we understand that nobody wants expansion joint repairs but unfortunately in a work place where fork lifts, pallet trucks and the like are essential, concrete damage becomes unavoidable. At Impact Flooring we offer you the solution. By replacing the joint and surrounding concrete with an epoxy resin jointing compound we ensure a smooth and flush transition between concrete bays. Not only will this increase the life span of your flooring, but of the machinery you use.


When showcasing your business to potential future partners and clients, the first impressions of your work place may have an effect on your ability to secure work. You need your work area to be as impressive as your product. Therefore an aesthetically pleasing bespoke floor, fit with demarcations, logo and visible health and safety precautions is an easy step to securing a great first impression. It shows your desire to maintain health and safety, your quality assurance and highlights a productive and maintained working environment. And all without saying a word.

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