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How Much Do Resin Floors Cost?

The cost of Resin Floors

One of the first thoughts of a client when considering new or improved industrial flooring is the cost. Each job is unique so we always require a visit to the site in order to conduct an accurate quote. But in order to help consider some of the aspects that affect how much resin floors might cost, here are the most prevalent factors.

Area Space

The most obvious factor is the amount of area we have to cover. As well as the space in metres squared the shape of the layout must be considered. A square space in an open warehouse will differ to a mixture of corridors and rooms. Generally the larger the space the more economic it becomes. It may also differ if the space is on different levels as we must consider accessibility.


When considering the action plan the current state of the floor massively affects of the cost of the work to be done. At Impact Flooring we offer preparation as a lone service or as part of a flooring package. We offer a bespoke solution catering our expertise to the state of affairs of your current flooring. We use shot blasting and diamond grinding alongside the use of three phase vacuums the essentially eliminate dust creation. If you are looking to screed your floor our shot blasting is perfect preparation for untreated concrete flooring which can also remove any coatings. If you are only looking to paint your floor we offer our diamond grind in order to ensure a smoother surface.

Our diamond floor sawing enables us to work on individual sections and also allows us to install drainage solutions. Finally our diamond core drilling also means we can remove individual sections of flooring yet also test the strength of your current concrete flooring.

Which Resin?

Finally, which finish do you require? Depending on which sector you work within, the amount of traffic your floor can expect, the type of machinery and plants which will be working on the floor and will it require a paint finish or demarcation lines? Each of these questions will further affect the final cost of your floor. However at Impact Flooring we offer bespoke resin floors to suite your exact needs.

Safety requirements will also need to be considered. Do you require anti slip, chemical resistance or anti static? If you work in the food or pharmaceutical sector you might want to consider our coving techniques which increase cleanliness and hygiene. On a busy warehouse floor you may want to consider our resin floor demarcations in order to direct traffic. If you require flexible flooring for a car showcase we can provide flexible flooring.

If you have any questions our surveyors will be able to provide every assistance as they visit the site and conduct a thorough inspection, enabling them to advise on the best bespoke flooring solutions personalized for you.

To find out more about our industrial flooring solutions, get in touch online. Alternatively, contact Impact Flooring on 0247 648 7416.

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