What is Resin Flooring

If you’re wondering, “what is resin flooring?” it’s a hardwearing plastic surface, created by mixing a selection of ingredients to create a highly durable finish, ideal for the environments with heavy use.

This allows resin flooring to provide a range of benefits for industrial and commercial industries, giving it huge advantages over other types of flooring.

There are three main types of resin flooring used to create the majority of resin flooring systems:

  • Epoxy
  • Methyl Methacrylate (MMA)
  • Polyurethane (PU)

Resin Flooring solutions are extremely tough and durable. This is due to them having a higher compressive strength than concrete meaning they are able to endure much more weight and impact damage than tiles and vinyl without cracking or moving.

Resin Floors are also more durable under stress, making them ideal for commercial and industrial environments, allowing for heavy traffic such as forklifts and machinery.

This type of flooring has a unique sealer, this protects them from water and moisture damage. This makes them ideal for areas which need a hygienic floor surface as the resin stops dirt from being trapped, allowing for easy cleaning.

So why should you chose a resin floor for your next project?

  • They protect your floor from lasting damage
  • They offer higher hygiene
  • They are easier to maintain than other surfaces
  • They create safer working environments
  • They offer design flexibility
  • They are strong
  • They are chemical resistant
  • They are impact and abrasion resistant

To find out how you can install a resin flooring system for your next project, get in touch with Impact Flooring today.