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Bespoke Warehouse Flooring

When it comes to warehouse flooring, it should never be a case of ‘one solution fits all’. Every industry varies and each warehouse will operate in a slightly different way, and therefore it’s important to choose a warehouse flooring solution that meets all the specific requirements. At Impact Flooring all of our flooring installations are bespoke; this means we carefully consider your business and its needs before suggesting the type of flooring we feel is best. This could involve taking into account the type of products housed in the warehouse, whether heavy machinery is used and whether or not demarcations are required.

Different Types of Bespoke Warehouse Floors

Every industry will have slightly different requirements and these must be considered when choosing the best type of flooring. For example, the food processing industry will require a finish that is easy to clean and prevents the spread of bacteria whereas the automotive industry will require a flooring solution that is extremely strong and durable.

When it comes to choosing warehouse flooring, it isn’t always clear what option to go for but we can help. Some of our most popular bespoke warehouse flooring solutions include:

All the flooring solutions at Impact Flooring are tailored to the specific location in which it is going to be installed; this ensures a tight fit and a perfect finish.

Questions To Ask Before Choosing A  Flooring Solutions

If you’re struggling to decide on the best type of flooring for your warehouse it’s a good idea to ask yourself some basic questions, this will highlight the requirements and must-have characteristics. Questions could include:

  • Does the floor need to be chemical resistant?
  • Does the floor need to be anti-slip?
  • How strong does the floor need to be?
  • Is the floor likely to require a specific finish or coating?
  • Who will be using the floor and what will it need to withstand?
  • Does the floor require a patterned finish or any demarcation stencils?
  • What type of daily use will the flooring have?

Once you have a rough idea of what you need your flooring to do, come to Impact Flooring. We can suggest the solutions we feel will work best, provide a quote and inform you of the best way to proceed. Find out more about Impact Flooring by contacting us via the online contact form.

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