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Why Your Warehouse Floor Needs Improving

Regardless that your warehouse is utilised for industrial activities or for processing, the type of flooring can have a huge impact on the daily operations of your business. You’ll want a flooring that is robust, durable, and easily maintained. But are there any particular signs to look out for that dictate a new warehouse floor is now a requisite? Here we highlight some key factors to bear in mind.

Is your warehouse floor in compliance with up-to-date health and safety regulations?

Your warehouse flooring may have been installed some time ago. And if it was installed before the introduction of the Workplace (Health, Safety, and Welfare) Regulations 1992, there’s every possibility that your business is no longer in compliance with UK law.

Is the flooring flat?

In general, warehouse flooring has to handle plenty of traffic and a lot of physical weight. Given time, this traffic and excessive weight can lead to an uneven surface. An uneven surface may be the cause of insecure racking and an overall unsafe workplace. If your warehouse flooring is not as level as it previously was it could be time for an update.

Type of flooring

For the safety and comfort of your workforce, it’s important that your warehouse flooring meets the requirements of your business format. As an example, walkways that are comprised of a slip-free surface can help in reducing workplace accidents. If your warehouse flooring, in terms of safety, is lacking in one way or another, it may be an appropriate time to consider an alternative.

Previous repairs

In order to minimise operational downtime, it’s all too easy to patch over chips and small cracks on the surface of your warehouse floor. However, what then tends to occur is that larger cracks can develop just below the repaired surface. Over time, this can lead to the necessity of an entire floor replacement being the only course of action.

Does the floor suit the purpose?

Your warehouse may have originally been designed to fit the purposes of a light industrial unit. Now, however, the warehouse has grown to better suit today’s business climate. If, for example, forklift trucks are a regularity, the flooring could need updating to accommodate the additional weight.

Does your warehouse floor withstand impact?

Typically, from the get-go, warehouse floors need to be strong enough to cope with impact. Over time, any surface that experiences consistent impact will deteriorate. Small but persistent flooring repairs can cause perpetual downtime and consistent investment. It may be better to consider an upgraded warehouse flooring.


Many warehouses are utilised to showcase a business. Investors and clients may be regular visitors to the premises. If the warehouse floor has seen better days, it will do little to impress the people you want to impress the most.

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