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Maintaining your concrete and epoxy coated floor

Epoxy Coated Flooring

Having gone to the expense of fitting a concrete floor your next step is to ensure its quality and longevity by using some of our maintenance tips listed below. Just by following a few simple steps and taking care of your floor you can increase its life span, reduce the risk of damage and also reduce the amount of wear and tear.


Spills are common in any industry but cleaning them up quickly and efficiently must be a priority, not just for the safety or workers but to reduce any damage to the concrete. Some chemicals can be absorbed by the concrete so make sure to treat the spill as recommended by the manufacture of the liquid in question.


It’s a common misconception that concrete flooring doesn’t need much maintenance. It’s true that it needs less than other types but to not maintain it at all can greatly reduce its life span. The flooring, the coating and the area and amount of traffic must be accounted for when choosing which cleaner to use.

Dusting the floor and removing any excess dirt before you wet mop can avoid damaging and dulling the top layer, followed by wet mopping can ensure your flooring maintains its smooth aesthetic finish.

High Traffic Areas

Naturally some areas of flooring undergo higher levels of foot traffic than others, these areas must be monitored. These areas of high traffic may need extra cleaning or even some buffering to ensure the floor maintains its quality finish.

Ensure you use the correct cleaner

When cleaning concrete floors ensure you use a product with the correct pH. Acidic cleaning products can have a negative impact on your flooring and will damage the aesthetic finish. The finish on the flooring will affect how it should be cleaned. Therefore you should research which product you will need depending on whether it has been polished or coated.

Due to the nature of an epoxy coating it should rarely need waxing or polishing. Only once the floor is very old and has been subject to high amounts of traffic may it become dull or show signs of wear and tear.

Our skilled professionals will always be on hand to answer any questions and when your floor is newly fitted they can leave you with all necessary instructions on the maintenance and upkeep of your flooring.

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