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Guide to Anti-Slip Epoxy Flooring

Impact Flooring offer an extensive range of epoxy flooring solutions suitable for many types of environment including the food industry and warehousing.

Our epoxy flooring solutions provide hardwearing surfaces, which are ideal for most industrial environments. The advantages of epoxy flooring is the ease of clean and that they can also provide properties such as chemical resistance and slip resistance.

Why is it Important to Consider Slip and Trip Risks?

Slips and trips are one of the biggest causes of serious injury in the work place. This is particularly the case within the food industry where slips and trips occur four times more often than the average industry.

The Main cause of Slip and Trip Risks

One of the main causes for slips and trips in the workplace is due to floors being wet with water. On top of this, many food industries experience issues due to contaminated food product and even the fact that the wrong flooring system has been installed leading to uneven surfaces and lack of surface maintenance.

Having the right epoxy flooring is not only essential for ensuring the safety of your employers; it is also crucial for preventing contamination.

How can epoxy flooring prevent Slips and Trips?

One of the first things you should do is install the correct flooring in line with legal requirements. This gives you a good foundation to reduce ‘unnecessary’ trips in

You need to ensure you’re using safe cleaning methods, minimising product spillages and if spillages do occur you should ensure these are cleared up straight away. Please refer to our blog on how to care for your resin flooring. High quality resin flooring is the perfect flooring solution to prevent slips and trips in any workplace.

Always ensure that your workplace is clear of tripping hazards such as materials or equipment and ensure that appropriate lighting is installed to allow any obstructions to be seen.

Your workplace should be regularly inspected; ensuring your floor still has sufficient roughness. Furthermore, the inspection should highlight any changes in level. Walkways should be marked and holes or uneven surfaces should be removed.

Why Epoxy Flooring?

Resin floors can be installed with a natural anti-slip finish and the texture can be varied during the installation process. Resins offer chemical resistance, flexibility, full colour and strength.

Choosing the right flooring system can prevent a lot of accidents in the workplace. Get in touch with Impact Flooring for advice on what flooring system would be best for your workplace environment.

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