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What is the Hardest Wearing Industrial Flooring?

How Long Should the Floor Last?

Most business owners will want their industrial flooring to last for at least several years. Flooring replacement is a costly business, both in terms of disruption to business and financially.

Adding a surface hardener to a floor can significantly increase the life of a concrete industrial flooring surface, with some hardeners being better than others, which is dependent on the hardener’s composition.

What Type of Industry is the Building Used For?

The type of industry will indicate what the flooring will need to do, as well as the potential threats to the surface. Industry type will identify hazards or environmental factors that could be present – extreme temperatures, moisture, oil, and solvents, for example. It could be that your flooring should be conductive, dissipative, or anti-static, or perhaps you require an anti-slip finish.

What are the Chances of Abrasion or Impact Damage Occurring?

Abrasion damage is caused by items scraping the floor, whereas impact damage is a result of the floor experiencing heavy drops.

In some cases, there’s a risk of heavy goods, equipment, or tools being dropped onto the floor surface. In a warehouse setting, pallets and boxes can cause abrasive damage when they are dragged around.

What Vehicles Will be Driven Over the Floor?

Rubber tyres and pedestrian traffic will, for obvious reasons, cause minimal damage to a concrete floor – far less damage than hard steel wheels, for example. As a way of preventing premature wear, it’s necessary to be entirely realistic about the type of traffic the floor will endure.

If, at a future date, there may be a change of materials being handled and heavier vehicles are needed, then the worst-case scenario is best taken and specifications made accordingly.

What About Cleaning?

Some industrial environments are in need of regular cleaning. This can be for aesthetic reasons, or it could be for reasons of hygiene standards. The industrial flooring you install might need to withstand frequent contact with cleaning chemicals.

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How is Epoxy Resin Flooring the Best Solution for Industrial Flooring?

In areas that experience heavy traffic or in fast-paced environments, it’s crucial to install epoxy and resin flooring. The protection this type of industrial flooring provides to concrete is not only mechanical, but these flooring surfaces offer chemical resistance as well.

Epoxy resin flooring is also the ideal choice when the demarcation of specific areas is needed. As an example, the demarcation of pedestrian areas for the storage of pallets and areas that experience high amounts of usage by forklift trucks.

These flooring systems also provide a seamless, easy-to-clean surface that will not harbour dirt and germs. These floor surfaces will be tolerant of regular detergent contact.

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