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Which industrial flooring do you need? Part Two

Industrial Flooring Solutions

In part one of this new piece we mentioned that here at Impact we believe that industry floors are rarely beyond repair. That’s why we offer numerous solutions to repair damage done by the normal wear and tear of heavy traffic in the work place.

Expansion Joint Repairs

Wear and tear in the work place is inevitable. Therefore we offer solutions to individual sections of damage. Our polyurethane and epoxy resin floor screed leave a smooth and flush transition between your concrete bays. This can reduce damage to any forklifts and pallet trucks on the work site floor. Typically industries where joints are more likely to break down include manufacturing, warehouse and any flooring that are consistently exposed to chemicals. Our resin joint compounds withstand the effects of chemicals much greater than a concrete floor would.

Concrete Repairs

Concrete is understandably one of the most popular materials for industrial flooring. It is perfect for use in factories and warehouses as a stable and durable surface. However concrete does get damaged and erode. Therefore we offer concrete repairs. We use cement based polymer mortars, epoxy and polyurethane resins to not only repair damaged floors, but to increase the current floors life expectancy. However if it is an entirely new floor you require, we cater to every need.

High footfall and light traffic?

High build floor coating provides a thicker and harder wearing paint. Solid colour the entire way through this coating is perfect for high footfall such as football stadiums and work environments within the manufacturing industry. Depending on your needs we will create the ideal solution for you, our advisors can create a personalized flooring plan incorporating the right amount of anti slip and chemical resistance. High build floor coating is the perfect solution to reinvigorating an older and worn floor.

Chemical Resistance

For many of our clients chemical resistance flooring is essential. Whether you require chemical resistant lining of bunds around storage tanks, systems to protect against aggressive acids and alkalis, if you’re in the motor industry and require protection from hyrdrolic and brake fluid or even protecting against skydrol in aviation, here at Impact we will create a bespoke solution to cater to your needs. All we need is your material safety data and we will design a personalized system in order to withstand those chemicals.

This is just a quick overview of all the services we can provide. To find out more about our industrial flooring solutions, get in touch online. Alternatively, contact Impact Flooring on 0247 648 7416. We send our experienced and trained specialists to your site to survey and advise on the best possible bespoke solution.

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