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What Industrial Flooring Do You Need?

Is it beyond repair?

With such a variety of industrial flooring types on offer, it may seem daunting when considering which option would best suit your working environment. Firstly, here at Impact Flooring we rarely come across a floor that we can’t repair, meaning you may not need a new floor at all. Using our heavy duty polymer resin screed system we can repair even the most damaged of floors. This platform can then allow us to apply a number of finishes from Anti-Slip Epoxy Flooring or Chemical Resistant Polyurethane Coating to Demarcation lines or Epoxy Resin Screed.

Could Coving be for you?

When considering what industrial flooring solution you need, you need to understand the demands of your environment. For example, when working in the food sector, our Epoxy and Polyurethane coved skirting applies attention to detail in order to prevent the inevitable build up of dirt in 90 degree angle skirting. Our skirting eliminates that dirt trap offering you an efficient and clean environment.

Light to Medium Traffic?

Our Epoxy and Polyurethane coatings eliminate the dust of a concrete floor, are easy to clean, chemical resistant and the differing colours can be used to mark gangways and direct foot traffic. Commonly used in retail, automotive and aerospace and manufacturing our epoxy and polyurethane coatings are perfect for light to medium traffic.

If Heavy Duty is What You Need

If you need the highest durability available look no further than our Polyurethane Screed Flooring. Totally impervious, with the highest order of chemical resistance, it can withstand the most vigorous cleaning regimes as well as up to 130 degree centigrade steam cleaning. Again it is a flooring type perfect for the food sector as it so suits the stringent health, safety and hygiene laws and demands. Not only does our Polyurethane Screed Flooring offer our most durable flooring yet, it can be used to install drains and slopes, non-slip and chemical resistance and due to its lack of odour and Impact Flooring using food grade materials it can be laid with minimal disruption.

Durability or Decorative?

If instead of highly durable you’re looking for highly decorative, our multi layer flooring provides the perfect solution. Ideal for receptions, showrooms, sports centres and more we offer decorative flake systems, and coloured quartz and we can include corporate logos or personalized designs. Designed for light traffic but aesthetic effect this flooring type also offers great Anti-Slip, perfect for wet environments. Potentially the greatest benefit of this flooring, due to the low cure time and Impact Floorings commitment to working overnight and minimizing down time, we can have four to six coat systems treated and completed overnight.

When considering what flooring you need so many aspects come into play. The cost, the down time needed, and the demands of the environment. Here at Impact Flooring, we offer a solution to every problem.

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