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Keeping on Top of your Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring is an extremely durable choice for flooring; however, it’s not indestructible. Like other types of flooring it can get dirty and stained and requires regular maintenance to keep it looking pristine.

When compared to other types of flooring like carpeting and laminate, concrete floors are pretty easy to care for. The amount of care flooring needs will depend on how much foot traffic it receives and what kind of sealant, wax or floor finish has been used. This will also determine the kind of chemicals or detergents you can use to keep it clean. A good top layer of protection can extend the life of your floor, as well as contributing to its aesthetic appeal.

This article will give you some important tips for caring for your concrete floor.

1. Use sealant and wax

Unless your concrete floor has a polished finish, then you will need to think of ways to protect your floor. A good floor sealer will protect your floor, prolong its existence and make it look great. You should also consider applying a coat of wax which will not only help to preserve the sealer, it will also help to protect your flooring against stains, dirt and abrasions.

2. Use floor mats

In high traffic areas, protect your floor by using floor mats which will help to reduce the amount of dirt and grime trailed into the room. Make sure the mats don’t have a rubber back, otherwise moisture will build up and cause discolouration to your floor. You should also use felt patches under chair legs, avoid dragging heavy appliances and furniture over the floor and use mats under pot plants and under rolling chairs to prevent your floor from being scuffed or scratched.

3. Set up a regular cleaning schedule

You will need to clean your concrete floor regularly and if anything is spilled on it, you will need to clean it up straight away. Concrete can be porous and will absorb the stain.

• Start by sweeping your floor to remove dust, grit and other particles that can damage the finish of your floor.
• Use a dry micro-fibre dust mop to attract dust and dirt from the surface
• Use a wet mop and a recommended cleaner to remove any residual dirt. Make sure you follow the guidelines for the dilution of cleaner to water, as too much cleaner may damage your floor. You should also make sure the water and the mop are clean to avoid streaks.

4. Use a buffer

You don’t need to use a buffer machine every week, but maybe once every three months to remove surface level marks and restore the shine. The buffing machine will have two types of pads: a scrubbing pad which is used on floors that may have an uneven surface to ensure the indents can be cleaned or a buffing pad which is used on surfaces which have a smooth finish.

5. Fix minor flaws

You floor may suffer from minor cracks or scratches and it’s important that you repair these with a patching repair kit. If the problem is widespread then you may need to consider having your floor resurfaced with an overlay, or make the cracks part of the design. You can use staining or other techniques to make the cracks a feature, rather than a cosmetic issue.

6. Deal with stains and spills

Stains and dyes designed for concrete floors will usually provide a permanent colour for your floor, however certain chemicals like vinegar, solvents, acid or chlorine-based cleaners can alter the colour and cause variations in the finish on your floor. This is where a sealant or wax will save you time and money, as they offer an added layer of protection. If you haven’t protected your floor in this way, then you may have to find ways to deal with any discolouration. You can do this by using a tinted sealer or having a new coat of stain or dye applied to the whole floor.

Concrete floors are pretty easy to maintain and have many benefits, but like any other flooring they need care and attention and by following the above tips and staying on top of wear and tear you can help your floor continue to look great for years to come. For further information and to view the different types of flooring options and services we have to offer, simply contact our team and one of our friendly staff will be in touch.

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