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Do You Need Industrial Flooring That’s Flexible?

As we’ve said before at Impact Flooring, not all locations will require the same type of flooring; some will need a flooring solution that’s chemically resistant whereas others may need a floor that’s extremely strong and durable, for example. However, some places need a flooring that is a little more flexible.

At first thought it might seem pointless to install a flooring that’s flexible into an industrial environment, especially when there is a large emphasis placed upon installing floors that are durable, strong and do not move. But, there are certain locations that do need to be flexible in order to fully perform in the way they need to.

Where Is Flexible Industrial Flooring Used?

Flexible flooring is used in locations where there is a lot of movement, movement that could damage the floor or create problems if the floor has no give. This means that whilst not everywhere will require the properties that a flexible floor has, those that do can really benefit from having it installed. Flexible industrial flooring is often used in the following locations:

  • Hospitals
  • Ship decks
  • Mezzanine floors
  • Multistorey factories
  • Steel plate structures
  • Revolving turntables, such as those used for car or machinery displays.

Though flexible flooring is not as hard wearing as other flooring solutions and it isn’t the best option for a lot of industries, if you require a floor that is likely to undergo a lot of movement then it can be hugely beneficial. For example, a flexible floor is not likely to withstand a lot of traffic or heavy machinery and therefore isn’t suitable for a lot of factories. However, it works well for car displays and floors that only support foot traffic.

Flexible Industrial Flooring at Impact Floorings

At Impact Flooring we have a lot of experience with offering specific flooring solutions to specific industries, and therefore we’ve installed a number of flexible floors for those who need them. However, we don’t simply offer one type of flexible industrial floor and instead we create a system that suits your specific requirements.

When you come to Impact Flooring looking for a flexible flooring solution you can choose between epoxy and polyurethane options. Plus, we can include characteristics such as the floor being non-slip or easy to clean. Like all of the industrial flooring solutions at Impact Flooring our flexible flooring is also available in a range of finishes and colours, meaning it will seamlessly blend into any themes or designs the workplace already has. To find out more contact us today.

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