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Resin Screed vs Coating

Resin flooring provides a cost effective and durable solution for all types of industrial floors across various industries. It is critically important for the performance and durability of a resin floor that the right type of resin flooring material is selected for the project.

At Impact Flooring we provide both screed and coatings. A lot companies ask us what the difference is and what they should use on their next flooring project.

What is a resin screed?

Epoxy resin is a hard wearing resin system which can provide elements such as chemical resistance, slip resistant and hygienic finishes. Decorative finishes can also be achieved by adding coloured flakes or aggregates.

Epoxy resin screeds provide are great for heavy duty industries, that require a chemical resistant and hard wearing floor surface. Epoxy screeds are ideal for industries where resistance to heavy traffic and chemical exposure are required.

Impact Flooring provide heavy duty epoxy and polyurethane resin systems, for a range of applications in the food, pharmaceutical, retail, storage and Warehousing Industries. These systems provide a medium to very heavy duty floor for high impact and highly stressed environments and can be installed with anti-static properties.

What is a resin coating?

Epoxy resin floor coatings are a hard wearing surface, ideal for most industrial environments and can be used where a seamless resin flooring solution is required.

Resin coatings are easy to clean and can provide many benefits such as slip resistance, chemical resistance and on-dust. This makes epoxy resin coatings ideal for heavy duty industrial areas as well as food environments.

Which resin system should you chose?

It is important that the most suitable system is chosen at he beginning of the project. Main considerations for you when making this decision may be:

  1. Levels of traffic
  2. The need for chemical resistance
  3. Hygiene requirements
  4. Cleaning operations
  5. Expected life of floor

Impact Flooring can provide an extensive range of coatings for warehousing, bund linings and plant rooms.

If you have any questions around what system is best for your business, get in touch and we’d be happy to offer you advice.

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