Factory Flooring Solution

Over the years, Impact Flooring has worked on a number of different factory flooring projects and each time we have installed a high quality solution. With a large team of skilled professionals, we are able to offer a high-quality installation and a quick turnaround time.

Epoxy Factory Flooring

When choosing a flooring solution, it’s usually epoxy resin flooring that we recommend and this is because it has a number of characteristics that are beneficial to a busy factory environment. All of the epoxy flooring we install at Impact Flooring is:

Strong and Durable

As we use high quality and professional materials, our epoxy flooring is very strong and it can withstand heavy machinery and industrial traffic; this is something that isn’t always true for cheaper flooring alternatives.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Regardless of what a factory is producing, frequent cleaning is required. As epoxy flooring is a completely sealed and resistant option it is very easy to clean, whether that be a light clean at the end of the workday or a much thorough clean after a spillage. Our factory floors can help you to create a safer working environment.

Resistant to Chemicals and Spills

The use of chemicals and oils comes with the territory of a factory environment and it’s hard to avoid these mishaps. This is why our epoxy flooring is designed to withstand chemical spills, oil spills and general leaks.

Professionally Finished

Though the main focus on factory flooring should be on how well a flooring solution works, it’s important to consider the finished look. Our epoxy flooring is available in a number of different professional finishes and this means it is ideal for any factory where clients or the general public are likely to visit.


industrial factory flooring

Factory Flooring Installation

Many factories are up and running all day every day and time off can be costly – not to mention it can put the entire business behind – but epoxy flooring is quick to install and therefore very little downtime is required. At Impact Flooring we have the experience and equipment that allows us to complete all installations within a small window, without compromising on quality or professionalism. We’re even able to schedule work to be done during hours in which the factory is closed.

All of the epoxy and polyurethane flooring options we have at Impact Flooring have been created with the needs and requirements of a busy factory in mind, with both large and small factories being catered for.

When it comes to having new factory floors installed, come to Impact Flooring. If you’d like a quote or some expert advice, please get in touch.