Epoxy Floors

Deciding on a flooring solution suitable to all of your needs, particularly so for high-demand facilities like industrial plants, warehouses, and factories, can be challenging. And this is exactly where epoxy floors come in. This type of flooring is durable and versatile. They can resist potential damage from spills, abrasion, moisture, puncturing, and more, and yet there’s no impact to the floor’s performance or its appearance. Here are a few of the key reasons why you should strongly consider epoxy floor coating as a finish and protectant of your concrete flooring.

Low Maintenance

There are few floor coatings that are quite as easy to maintain as an epoxy coating. Epoxy produces a seamless flooring system that is easy to sweep and mop. Epoxy floors don’t need to be waxed or polished in order to maintain their high-performance, attractive finish.


Epoxy resin floor coatings are ideal for areas where there’s a risk of slippage. That might be an area that often becomes wet or a ramp with a smooth finish that poses a slip risk. When the epoxy is applied to the floor, the cured resin creates a textured finish thereby affording a lot of grip.

epoxy floor in warehouse

Brightens the Facility

When epoxy floors have a high-gloss finish, it can increase the floor’s brightness by as much as 400%. The increased reflection of light improves overall lighting conditions within the facility. Because of this, the work environment is a safer place. High-gloss epoxy floors can also be installed as a way of reducing the necessity of additional light fixtures, thereby lowering energy costs.

Reduction on Vehicle Wear

When an epoxy resin coating is applied to a concrete floor that is subjected to repeated heavy vehicle traffic, it can have the effect of reducing vehicle wear and tear. The epoxy coating’s smooth surface helps to prevent tyre damage that is often seen when the floor is cracked or has joints or seams.

Epoxy Floors are Strong and Durable

Industrial and commercial epoxy floor coatings make an excellent choice where the business experiences extreme demands on the floor. Epoxy is actually stronger than underlying concrete which in turn increases the floor’s weight capacity. During the curing process, epoxy becomes a cross-linked polymer that is very solid and is able to resist many types of potential damage.

Protection for Underlying Concrete Floors

The ultimate in terms of a hardworking epoxy flooring system, epoxy floors don’t merely look good, they also provide damage protection for the underlying concrete slab. Epoxy floors offer protection against oil, chemical, acid, and water spills that otherwise would penetrate a porous concrete floor thereby causing possible staining and/or damage.

Rapid Installation

When installing a fresh epoxy flooring system it’s not necessary to undergo a lengthy and thus costly shutdown of the facility. Epoxy floor coatings can be completed rapidly, particularly when the epoxy coating is rapid curing. As a result, downtime is minimal.

industrial factory flooring

Epoxy Floors are Easy to Customise

Epoxy floors do not need to be industrial-looking and boring. Rather, epoxy resin floors are highly customisable and can be installed in a variety of patterns, colours, and with different effects to establish a more suitable finish. Together with striping and solid colours, flake epoxy floors are now a popular choice in achieving a professional and decorative end result.