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Is Epoxy Flooring Better Than Ceramic Tiles?

If you run an industrial facility and you require suitable flooring material – a material that combines aesthetic appeal with durability and one that also meets high sanitary standards, there’s one choice that really stands out, epoxy flooring.

Among many options, epoxy flooring is a standout choice. It’s strong, looks nice, and is easy to keep clean. When you compare it to ceramic tiles, epoxy floors come out on top. Here’s why: is epoxy flooring better than ceramic tiles?


Ceramic tiles do not stand up to chemical reactions. Certain chemicals are ideal for cleaning floor tiles on a temporary basis. Ultimately, however, it leads to cracking, chipping, and discolouration.

On the other hand, epoxy floors are thoroughly durable and do not crack, chip, or discolour.

Epoxy Flooring is Water Resistant

Food processing flooring frequently becomes wet. Nevertheless, ceramic tiles, contrary to popular belief, are not resistant to water penetration. Rather, it’s the joints that permit water access. This then encourages the buildup of bacteria. Over time, bacteria disintegrate grout and cause erosion of the joints. It may seem that the tiles are undamaged, but below the surface, there may be a high bacteria content. Ultimately, this will cause the tiles to come loose.

Epoxy floors are quite impenetrable. They are incredibly resistant to water, bacteria and absorption in general.

Scratch Resistance

Ceramic tiles are particularly prone to scratching on account of persistent footfall etc. Flooring made of epoxy is scratch-resistant and appears shiny and fresh.

Easy to Clean

Ceramic tiles can be challenging to clean. Over time, the dirt that builds up within the grout seal is close to impossible to clean properly.

Because epoxy floors have a smooth finish cleaning is easy. Any stains can quickly be cleaned.


A slippery floor in an industrial setting is a definite hazard. And when ceramic tiles are wet, they can certainly pose a danger.

Epoxy floors are slip-resistant, where they afford natural grip and friction.

Epoxy Flooring Offers Seamless Protection

When first installed, ceramic tiles look sparklingly fresh. After some amount of use, dirt accumulates within the seam lines and the grout. Cleaning grout lines is a real challenge. What’s more, though, is that the grout lines become infected with bacteria.

Epoxy flooring is devoid of grout lines and joints, thereby excluding the possibility of bacterial infestation.

Epoxy Flooring Does not Compromise on Aesthetics

With epoxy flooring you can add quartz or flakes which makes the flooring surface that much more aesthetically appealing than ceramic tiles.

Epoxy coatings come in an array of styles and colours. As such, your industrial flooring will never look mundane.

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